Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a Voting Ambassador? A Voting Ambassador is a community organizer who recruits Vote Triplers — people who commit to reminding three others to vote in the special runoff election on January 5th.
  • What is a Vote Tripler? A Vote Tripler is someone who committed to a Voting Ambassador to remind three people (friends, housemates, neighbors, etc.) to vote in the January 5th special election.
  • How much can I earn as a Voting Ambassador? You’ll earn a payment of $25 for each Vote Tripler you recruit, up to a total of $500.
  • How much can I earn as a Vote Tripler? Vote Triplers are volunteers, but they can become Voting Ambassadors and find Vote Triplers of their own from a list created specifically for them. If you are a Vote Tripler who also became a Voting Ambassador, you are being paid only as a Voting Ambassador — not as a Vote Tripler.
  • My housemate (or family member, neighbor, or friend) wants to be a Vote Tripler but isn’t on the list. Can I add them anyway? No, you can only add Vote Triplers from the list. But we encourage you to talk about voting with other people you know so more people will vote in the upcoming election!
  • My housemate (or neighbor or friend) wants to be a Voting Ambassador but isn’t on the list. Can they still sign up? Any eligible voter in Georgia can be a Voting Ambassador.
  • Can a Vote Tripler become a Voting Ambassador? Yes! When we confirm a new Vote Tripler, we send a link to a special page where he or she can apply to become a Voting Ambassador.

Signup Issues

  • Why do I get an error message when I enter my address? To comply with state employment laws, BlockPower currently pays Ambassadors only in Georgia.
  • I signed up to talk with an Organizer, but I didn’t get a call. What now? The Voting Ambassador program has been extremely popular, so don’t wait for us — you can sign up now! Start making a difference at!
  • Do I need to download an app to be a Voting Ambassador? No, BlockPower’s platform is a web app — a series of web pages that you visit using a browser. There is nothing to download. You will need a phone number that you can receive text messages at, and you’ll need access tothe Internet, whether on a smartphone or computer. You will not be able to use text-messaging services like TextNow, Pinger, etc.

Finding Vote Triplers

  • What if I don’t see anyone I know on the list of possible Vote Triplers? The list we provide includes people who live near you who aren’t regular voters and need a reminder before Election Day. If you know your neighbors, you’re likely to see some of them on the list. If you don’t, use the “search” tool to look for relatives, friends, and other people you know — Facebook and Instagram friends, people you know from church or community groups, work colleagues, etc.
  • What should I say to someone to get them to be a Vote Tripler? There are no “magic words” you should say or a script you should follow. A very brief version of the conversation might go like this:

    You:  There’s a very special election coming up here in Georgia on January 5. We’ll be electing two senators, who will determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the Senate for the next several years. We saw in the presidential election in November that the voters of Georgia are split about 50-50, so it’s really important for people to vote in this special election — every single vote counts more than it ever has before. That’s why I’m working as a Voting Ambassador and asking people I know to remind their friends to vote. Can I count on you to remind three of your friends to vote between now and the election on January 5th?

    Vote Tripler:  Sure.

    You:  Great! What are the names of the three people you’ll remind to vote?

    Vote Tripler:  Angela Baker, Charlie Dawson, and Edna Foxx.

    You:  Thanks! A reminder to vote can make a big difference — especially when it’s from a friend. You’ll get a text message shortly asking you to confirm what we talked about. I really appreciate your help!

  • Am I supposed to go door-to-door and try to recruit people I don’t know? We hope and expect Voting Ambassadors will find plenty of people they know on the list of possible Vote Triplers without needing to recruit people they don’t know. At the same time, you’re welcome to do that, but only if you can do it safely and according to all COVID-related guidance in your city.


  • I added a Vote Tripler, so why didn’t I get paid? When you add a Vote Tripler, you must also add (a) the names of three people the Vote Tripler will remind to vote, and (b) the Vote Tripler’s cellphone number. We will send a text message to the Vote Tripler to confirm that he or she is the person you submitted. As soon as the Vote Tripler is confirmed, you are qualified to receive your payment.
  • What happens to Voting Ambassadors who submit false information? BlockPower’s platform uses bank-level security to confirm the information submitted by Ambassadors, and our organizers call random Vote Triplers to confirm transactions we believe are questionable. If we determine that an Ambassador has submitted false information, we will stop (or rescind, if already made) all payments to that Ambassador.
  • How and when will I get paid? We offer two types of payments: (a) direct deposit into an existing bank account (if you have one); or (b) direct deposit into a new bank account (through Chime, an online bank) if you would like to open a bank account. Keep in mind that direct deposits take two to four business days for banks to process.
  • Do I have to pay taxes on my earnings as a Voting Ambassador? Money you earn as a Voting Ambassador is considered “income” for tax purposes. Depending on your individual financial situation, you could be subject to tax on this income.
  • Is my personal and financial information secure? Yes. We do not sell or trade your personal or financial information. For more details, please see the Privacy Statement and Terms of Service of Energize Voters LLC, which administers our Voting Ambassador Program.

Other Questions

  • What is The New Georgia Project? The New Georgia Project is a non-partisan effort to register and civically engage Georgians, specifically people of color, those 18 to 29 years of age, and unmarried women.
  • What is BlockPower? BlockPower is a nonprofit focused on uplifting Black voices by engaging new and infrequent Black voters in the electoral process. The BlockPower software platform makes grassroots get-out-the-vote efforts more efficient, effective, and data-driven. In addition to The New Georgia Project, BlockPower has partnered with Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC)in Milwaukee and Color Of Change in Florida, and it supported efforts in North Carolina, Arizona, and other states to invest directly in Black communities and amplify Black voices.