How to use BlockPower

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Check out this video.  It explains everything you need to know.

 1. Take a quiz

Click the link at the bottom of this page.

Take our short quiz and you will be routed to our vote tripling home page.

2. Review your setup

Check the info in your BlockPower profile.

Be sure to use your correct name and address. Your list of possible Vote Triplers is based on your address.

3. Add your payment info

Enter your payment information on the Payments page.

You’ll link your bank account through our payment processor so that you can be automatically paid $25 for each confirmed Vote Tripler.

BlockPower is committed to data privacy and does not collect or retain any banking information for Voting Ambassadors. Voting Ambassadors will be required to submit a W-9 form after earning more than $500.

4. find vote triplers

Who will appear as a possible Vote Tripler on your list?

Vote Triplers are eligible Black voters who did not vote in the 2016, 2018, and/or 2020 elections. We refer to them as “infrequent voters.”

How to find Vote Triplers

Your list of possible Vote Triplers includes infrequent voters located near the address you entered when creating your account. You can also use the Search function to look for names and add filters to find people you know in our list of over a million people.

Speaking with Vote Triplers

Search your list of possible Vote Triplers and identify people you know. Then reach out and talk with them about voting. Be sure to get your Vote Tripler’s commitment to remind three other people to vote — these are the Triplees.

Don’t forget to get the full names of the three Triplees. To confirm your Vote Tripler with us, you’ll need to enter the names of the Triplees, as well as your Vote Tripler’s phone number and birth month to confirm their identity.

Things to remember

  1. The three Triplees cannot include the Vote Tripler or the Ambassador.
  2. Using false or incomplete names may result in withheld payments and expulsion from the Ambassador Program.
  3. Once you submit information for a Vote Tripler, it can’t be changed.
  4. BlockPower will send your Vote Tripler a confirmation text message. They must confirm that they have agreed to be your Vote Tripler in order for you to be paid.

What happens next?

You’ll receive text messages guiding you to help your Vote Triplers to ensure they have what they need to get their Triplees and themselves to the polls.  The Vote Triplers will receive helpful hints as well!